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Hidden Julles

Hidden Julles Cafe is a family-owned and operated cafe named after the owners' mom, Julie Ann Stevens Lynch. She was an amazing influence on so many lives and is a driving force to keep Hidden Julles Cafe grounded in the products we use. 


Julie, or Julles as she was adoringly called by her friends, loved avocado oil and Himalayan pink salt. Her four sons, Nate, Adam, Jacob, and Aaron all committed to using these products at Hidden Julles Cafe


A few years ago, a Hidden Julles Cafe baker asked Aaron, the Chef-owner, two weeks after she started, “Where is your salt?”. He pointed to the Himalayan pink salt. She responded, “No, your white salt”. Aaron smiled and said, “Himalayan pink salt is all we use”. She then asked him, “Where is your oil”. Aaron then pointed to the bottle of avocado oil. The baker said, “No, your vegetable oil”. Aaron smiled again told her, “Avocado and olive oil is all we use!” He then proceeded to tell her about his mom and where the core products came from. The baker said, “Wow, I’m going to like it here!”

Julles' legacy is evident in every guest interaction and dish that is prepared. We hope her infectious love for people and healthy organic food will fill your hearts and bellies as it has for her family and friends.


“May angels go before you

and behind you

and keep you safe.” 

Julie Ann Stevens Lynch


Aaron Lynch

Aaron Lynch is Hidden Julles Cafe's mastermind chef-owner. He is beyond passionate about capturing, sharing, and living his mother's legacy. A legacy that considers producing healthy and delicious, yet uncompromised dishes. As a dad himself, Aaron has deep convictions about only preparing dishes he would feed to his own children.


As the youngest of the four brothers, his creativity and free-spiritedness empower him to think outside of the ordinary culinary box. He sees food as formative art with a functional purpose. He specializes in colorful organic masterpieces by pairing unique ingredients. He has a keen flair for impeccable presentation.


As a mechanical and aerospace engineering major, Aaron’s inquisitive mind insists that he discovers how everything works and where things come from. That exploration invites Aaron to invent amazing culinary flavors and expressions.  


Aaron, AKA- Chef A Dub, is a professional chef with vast culinary and restaurant expertise. He has extensive knowledge of both the front and back ends of the culinary business. After having managed multiple successful restaurants, he put on a new hat and learned the fascinating world of "chef life". As a trained chef, Aaron is constantly challenging himself in his craft.


Aaron exudes a relaxed positive vibe and is an incredibly hard worker. He has taken many aspiring chefs under his wings and has trained them with the mindset to always be ready to learn and grow. Aaron's zeal is simply contagious!


Aaron is also a professional musician and leads the reggae fusion band A Dub & the Foundation. By Aaron’s compassionate endeavors and involvement with the Phillip A Hughes Foundation, which seeks to enrich the lives of children in our area through music and arts education, A Dub & the Foundation was formed to help raise awareness for the foundation.


As the patriarch of Hidden Julles Cafe, Aaron has selflessly sustained his moms legacy and is now creating his own. He is ardent about cultivating this local community through developing positive relationships with local farmers. He strives to produce delectable cuisine made from the freshest of locally grown organic products to his amazing guests.



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